California History Assemblies


Lewis Events brings history to life with educational and entertaining assemblies for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade groups. These exciting History Day assemblies enhance the social studies/history curriculum, delivering world-class entertainment, games, stories, and demonstrations to your organization.  Costumed actors dressed in period costumes complemented with backdrops and props are utilized to establish the historic themes. These assemblies are ideal for end-of-year celebrations, as a beginning of the year kick-off, or any time during the year to bring energy and excitement to in-classroom topics of study.  Assemblies will be specific to each grade and include a printable “Adventure Guide” activity booklet. 


4th Grade History

Virtual Assembly 4th Grade History

The presentation is an energetic, interactive showcase that lets the audience experience the rugged and exciting life of the Wild West Cowboy, and the thrill of the  1849 Gold Rush, one of the most fascinating periods in United States history. Various types of gold mining will be demonstrated, and the gold rush economy will be presented, illustrating how often merchants became rich, rather than the miners.  A favorite part of the program is the virtual steer roping, a bullwhip target demonstration, and a trick roping champion performing a host of rope tricks that were shared on the cattle drives and made famous by Will Rogers.

Currently, the programs are available for California and Utah Schools and are ideal for home school groups, libraries, camps, and other organizations.  Programs can be adjusted for other states and areas to meet their curriculum requirements.

5th Grade US History

Guests will be transported back in time to the excitement at the time of our nation’s birth and explore the mindset of the patriots and the loyalists.  The determination and hard work of the colonists needed to tame the wilderness and bring the expansion westward will be demonstrated.  Key heroes that were instrumental in founding the US will be featured and brought to life.  Students make history as they help outfit and prepare for the adventurous Lewis and Clark expedition.

6th Grade Ancient Civilizations

Explorers embark on a daring archeological expedition as they uncover clues and discover ancient civilizations.  Creative and unique costumes, amazing props, and studio-quality sets will truly make each assembly an unforgettable expedition.  Various periods from early history will be highlighted along with important contributions gained from each era such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, ancient Israel, the Indus River Valley, China, Mesoamerica, and the Mediterranean basin. 

Contact Lewis Events and discover how together we can bring an unforgettable entertaining and educational experience to your important group of scholars.


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